Health Claims Bureau – Twitter

When we recreated HCB’s new website one of the things we were keen for HCB to do was to get into social media.  The MD and a number of staff already had profiles on LinkedIn but they didn’t have a company page or a Twitter account.  One of the reasons they stated that ‘they are difficult to maintain’.  Our solution was to create a company page on LinkedIn and then link those employees with profiles to it, creating a sense of belonging for the employees, and a unified approach for their contacts.  Next was to create a Twitter page and link that to their new website and the LinkedIn accounts of HCB’s MD and their Customer Relations Manager.  As for being difficult to maintain, they can post articles to their website by emailing it to a specific address we provided that puts the post into LinkedIn and tweets a link from their Twitter account.

As for the image of the dog, we just wanted something eye-catching that conveyed energy, fun, activity and looked good.